Managed by Tim Horslen / Research Manager

Our client is a world leading pioneer in the development of a new battery chemistry as a solution to lithium-ion chemistry systems. This has been a goal for scientists for decades and our client now have proven technology ready for commercialisation.

The move to a more plentiful and accessible material, but still able to demonstrate the performance of lithium-ion, has never been more important. But the other benefits include higher safety and significantly lower manufacturing costs.

They now need a commercial CEO that can bring the business and commercial experiences required to successfully transition the company from technology innovator to commercial success. We do not need a battery expert, but we need the mix of skills, experience and personality that can successfully complement the existing team.

The CEO’s mandate is to lead the company forward to achieve the strategic commercial and business goals.

  • Develop and execute the business and commercial strategy to take the company to commercial success.
  • Define and close the first volume commercial contracts validating the technology and business model of the company.
  • Ensure the technology milestones are all achieved.
  • Win the hearts and minds of the founding team as a charismatic leader, manager and businessman.
  • Ensure the company meets all agreed business goals and metrics.
  • Ensure the company achieves its strategic goals and the value creation required to ultimately reach a liquidity event for shareholders.
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