Device Authority

Case Study


"Gillamor Stephens gave us a varied shortlist of very well qualified CEO candidates for our portfolio company Device Authority and we are very pleased with the process and our selection."

Al Sisto, Executive Chairman, Device Authority and Investments Director, Tern Plc


Tern Plc is an AIM-quoted investment company focused on the fast changing IT sector. We invest in technology companies and work to improve execution and performance to enable profitable exits.

Our UK-based portfolio company Device Authority was transforming the security model for the Internet of Things and the Cloud.




Context of the search(es)

Device Authority was transforming the security model for the IoT and Cloud marketplace by revolutionising and simplifying the processes that a company must go through to deliver a robust, scalable and easy to use data security for their IoT applications. We needed a commercially proven and global sales oriented CEO to put in place the team and processes to enable rapid revenue growth.

What our client says

"In Device Authority, we had a company with huge global, commercial potential in the rapidly emerging IoT encryption market. We retained Gillamor Stephens to conduct a CEO search and were pleased with the range of candidates presented, but most particularly with the hire we made.

With his previous roles as CEO of AppSense and Vistorm, Darron Antill has succeeded in rapidly scaling technology businesses in Europe and the US. He has put in place the building blocks for the future growth of the company and has just completed the merger with Device Authority and will continue as the CEO of the merged company."

Al Sisto, Executive Chairman, Device Authority